Architectwork with consciousness
Ecological sustainable building is our foundation. We keep craftmansship alive – full of light
Mass Ovens - for our environment
Clean combustion, comfort, heat stable and inexpensive in operation
Ecological sanitation
Composting toilets can be used all year by including institutions, businesses, campsites, etc..
Building with consciousness

Every projekt is different. It is our daily life to meet and help building project on the ecological and sustainable

We know how extreme complex it is to make ecological  concept for a house - from placing to the four corners of the earth and conditions of the plot, the room mutual placing to zoning of the house, choice of construction to materials, insulation, diffusion, windtightness, the placement of installations, future changes (flexibility), choice of heating system, sanitation and so on and so on. Everything related to the customers entry point.

We help you with architect work, consultant, planning and projects

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Mass stoves

Since we in 1988 run the first Danish workshop on mass stoves the Danes have committed their hearts to the mass stove. Our own stove masons have build more than 1500 mass stoves and we have had more than 80 workshops:  How to build your own mass stove.

We have our own production and sale of all kinds of materials for mass stoves.

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We are now planning our workshops for 2019-

COB workshop in Denmark.

We invite to COB workshop with og

Come and learn COB techniques with clay, sand and straw

We build garden walls at Oeko-Byg, the technique can as well be used for walls in houses or different kind of fireplaces.
COB is good for the indoor climate and for the globale climate. Beutiful curved walls with sculpturel elements are mudded up.


11th to 14th of July 2019(both days incl.)

See more or contact us any question you may have

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