Architect work

Often we are asked if Renewable Energy has a "natural/ ecological standard house" - to that we must answer no !

Our customers have specific wishes and demands for their house, so it is hopleless to put these wishes and demands into a forehand standard, because all the time something comes across the standard.

On the other hand we have normative house and plans, that might give an appetite or inspire for a given project.

We know how extreme complex it is to make a concept for a house - from placing to the four corners of the earth and conditions of the plot, the room mutual placing to zoning of the house, choice of construction to materials, insulation, diffusion, windtightness, the placement of installations, future changes (flexibility), choise of heating system and so on and so on. Everything related to the customers entry point.

The prices for a key-finished house - without too many sublime steps - without an expensive fancy kitchen or bathroom arrangement - we expirience prices from 9-13000 / square meter. When we build we do fixed quotation and contracts.

We have with luck build "with-building" where the own work of the building owner has kept the price down, but a little unfair perhaps, where the building owner might have had "help from Uganda" from outside ?

But honestly - a Danish solid house (around 120 squaremetres)  build with Danish manpower can hardly be build for less than 1,8 million

A practical alternative way - can be "a good project":

  • buy natural building materials (straw, clay, sand, timber from the forrest)

  • lots of hard work (earn less - safe expenses)

  • long building period (2 years)

  • complementary help from experts

  • for some this is suicide - for others this can change their lives in confirming direction

The strenght of Renewable Energy is that we move on both sides of these "borders"

We find it promoting to work towards:

  • A solid Danish craftman's house of high quality

  • A natural house, where every single details challange the conventional wisdon - but ! where we control, how far the building shall move !! a house owner sitting after 2 years of building in a rotten ruin can satisfy nobody.

It is no secret that we are curios and stimulated by the fresh  concept of natural building through which we draw nourishment to renewed insight and competence.


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