Clay floors, earthern floors, clay plaster and COB

Clay is the building material of the earth. A fantastic material - offers a sound indoor climate when you plaster your walls with clay plaster.

We do clay floors /earthen floors. A hard, heavy and "soft" floor which is a gift for any house. Clay floors are also very good where we accumulate passive solar and / or in a floor with other heating. A floor without any use of fossil fuel. We build up our clay floors with insulation, mix of clay, sand and gravel, after this clay, earth, sand, chopped straw and at last a surface with clay, fine sand and horse manure. In the end linseed oil and bee wax  makes the floor beautiful and strong.

For many years we have worked together with The Cob Cottage Company in Oregon, USA. We love mud and Cob, which gives a lot of possibility sculpturing in building. Joint our workshops.

Se below pictures from our own little COB-studio:

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