ECO-DRY is the ecological dry toilet made of porcelain. The perfect choice for highest comfort and maximum ecology.


EcoDry® is the most ecologic kind of toilet on the market, with every part developed to make it as
convenient, ecological, and hygienic as possible.
The porcelain is necessary to achieve optimal hygien,and is also the most sustainable material. Water flush is possible in the urine bowl, for those who want access to water.

Urine diverting

The urine bowl has a water flush for those who have acess to water. When you push the button it flushes about 0,1-0,2 litre water, and together with the urine it leads to a can or tank of your own choice. If there is no acess to water, you can flush manually with a cup of water. No chemicals are needed. It is also possible to attach a big can of water to the toilet, to use as flush
And it is possible with no water for flushing urine as well.

How it works :

The urine sep from the feaces which makes it possible to achieve odeur free waste, and to be able to use the the urine as fertilizer at non-eat-able growings. The feaces falls down to a barrel of your choice, where evaporates and dehydrates. You emtry it in an outdoor composting container - for further composting. A barrel of 80 litre, usually lasts 3 months (normal family). When emptying the barrel it weighs 10-20 kilo

EcoDry broschyr

EcoDry Manual

EcoDry Owners Manual

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