EcoFlush - Urine separating toilet

EcoFlush is the toilet that consumes very little water. It serves as a classic toilet, but has a urine bowl in the front end, which makes it possible to save upto 80% water!

Urine separating
The EcoFlush has a dubbel-flush button. The big flush consumes about 2.5 litre water, and the small uses about 0.2 litre. According to statistics, a person visits the toilet 6 times each day - and 5 of them are only for urinating. Since the urine requires very little water to wash away,  EcoFlush uses as little as 0,2 litre when flushing in the urine bowl. Therefore you save up to 80% water compared to a traditional toilet!

Ecologic and economic
EcoFlush is perfect for use with septic tanks, slurry detach tanks, greywater constructions and other solutions

- when you need to save water or to achieve fewer evacuations of the tank. You can choose to take care of the urine yourself, or gather it up with the other waste in the tank or sewer. Urine is excellent to use as a fertilizer to plants.

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