Mass stoves from Renewable Energy

We build several types of mass stoves. The choice of stove depends on the individual's demands regarding needs and design. We will provide design and assist with appropriate placement of foundation, chimney and so on for a small fee.

The choice of stove and its design depends on the individuals needs.

In all mass stoves the "inside" is built from refractory materials (12-1600 kg) and the "outside" is built conventionally from brickwork or other stone materials (2-3 tons).

Between the inner firebrick lining (the refractory) and the brickwork, a refractory cloth 6-7 mm is placed, this prevents formation of cracks that are caused by the big difference in temperatures - inside temperatures are 500-1000 degrees and outside surface temperatures are 40-55 degrees C. In spite of these precautions it is difficult to avoid hairline cracks, when the stove is most warm. These cracks close when the stove cools down.

The fireplace is normally 30-42 cm wide, 50-70 cm deep and 1 meter high and can contain 12-20 kg of wood, depending on the tree species used - soft or hardwoods.

The fire door is normally 41x41 cm and if there is a baking oven  it is 41 cm wide and 21 cm high in the middle.

The doors are made of cast iron and most of the time with ceramic glass - so you can see the fire and the pastry.

Renewable Energy offers a line of different mass stoves. We offer the " craftsman's-stove," the round mass stove and mini mass stoves.

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