Craftman's stove

Our craftman's  mass stove is well suited for houses with a demand for special stove shaping. This stove type can heat a well-insulated house of approximently 125 sq. meters with one firing a day consisting of 15-18 kg of firewood.

As a standard, the finished stove measures 119 x 107cm., is 220cm tall and weighs 4-5.5 tons. This stove type can be built with or without a bake oven, with option for placement on the same or opposite side as the firebox door.

The core is built from a combination of refractory brick and cast refractory elements made in our workshop. The craftman's stove is built with solid brick as the outer skin which is often surfaced with a very thin layer of plaster. The stove comes with Danish cast iron parts.

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