The round mass stove

Our round mass stove fits beautifully in most houses - the roundness makes it easy to have the footpaths cling around the mass stove.

The round mass stove can heat a well-insulated house at 125 square metres with one fire a day consuming 15-18 kilos of firewood.

The stove finished is 110 cm in diameter and 220 cm high. The round mass stove is produced with or without a bake oven. The bake oven can be placed in the opposite side of the fireplace.

The stove weighs around 3.5 tons.

The round mass stove consists of fireproof materials and is built with massive bricks on the outside and with Danish doors and other cast iron pieces. Normally we finish the stove with a thin plaster on the surface.

The unique thing about the round mass stove is that because the smoke channels travel all the way around the stove, it has a consistens temperature all around it.

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