The mini mass stove

Our mini mass stove is in our opinion  the smallest mass stove  can still be called a mass stove. That is, a stove which with one firing a day is able to radiate heat for the entire 24 hours. Our mini mass stove is able to heat a well-insulated house of 90 sq. meters, using 15 kg. of firewood per day.

The mini mass stove is square, and  measures 95 x 95 centimeters when finished. The stove weighs approximately 3.2 tons and has a finished optional height of 213-220 cm. This particular stove type cannot be built with a bake oven.

The stove refractory core is built with high quality castable refractories. The stove is set with massive brick on the outside covered with a thin coat of plaster that allows the shape of the brick to show through. Danish doors and cast iron parts are installed in the stove.

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