A little taste from later COB workshops

We thank all the participants of the 2011, 2012, 2013 og 2014  COB workshops. Wonderful xpiriences.

Thanks for you returns, you can read a little here:

"Thank you all so much for the workshop, the cooking, all the other preparations and the favours and for just being so friendly and welcoming. I hope to see you again, maybe in another workshop" Medi, Hamburg

"But I was here myself at the workshop and that was good for my body and soul. I got a little high and thought for a few days that there are alternative ways of living. So I am really satisfied with the workshop. Greetings Flemming Vejsnaes"

"Thanks for some fun and very inspiring days in your good company. This was not the last time I have played with COB ;-))
Wonderful atmosphere, wonderful food and inspiring and very patient teaching down to earth, the relationship 1:4, of course with fantastic mud, limed with hydralic lime (certainly not hydratish)!!!
Lots of love, of course with a high density ;-))
Lisbeth Norup"

"It has been wonderful 4 days. I miss it already.
I send this
link to a free download of Gernot Minkes book about "building with earth". Minke is (or was) professor at the university Kassel within alternative building. The book is very technical. But shows as well very many examples. I will try to read it after having learned the practiacal building in your workshop.
Hope to see you soon.
Hugs Thomas
http://jordforbindelse.wordpress.com/ "

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