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Just now we are preparing our workshops 2018. Many interesting workshops are coming up. Be sure to get invitation

COB workshop in Denmark.

We invite to COB workshop with og

Come and learn COB techniques with clay, sand and straw

We build garden walls at Oeko-Byg, the technique can as well be used for walls in houses or different kind of fireplaces.
COB is good for the indoor climate and for the globale climate. Beutiful curved walls with sculpturel elements are mudded up.

Children are welcome.


5th to 8th of July 2018 (both days incl.)

Price including mainly vegeratarian food.

Adults: 3500,-

Children: 500,- (food)

You camp in your own tent.


Lamdrupvej 20

5854 Gislev. In the middle of the island Fyn

Phone: 0045 62291223


Bjarne Grube Wickstrøm og Flemming Abrahamsson.

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WORKSHOP: Build your own clay bake oven

The clay bake oven is built of clay, sand and straw with firebricks on the fireplace bottom. The bake oven is very cheap to build. A wonderful firewood bake oven – you use it for pizzas (hard heat) and for all kinds of baking, square roaster and other cooking in an oven. At this workshop you learn about COB, clay plaster and fire.

The clay bake oven is part of an outdoor kitchen for  Køge Fællesjord. At this common land is build  a wonderful outdoor kitchen to cook their local products. The weekend before there is a workshop building a rocket cook stove (see special invitation)

Instructor: Flemming Abrahamsson,

We build the clay bake oven here: Køge Fælles Jord, Egøjevej 114 c, 4600 Køge, Denmark (2 km south of Køge train station)

A weekend Saturday and Sunday properly in May 2018 Both days 9am to 4/5pm

Price: 1.250 /weekend. This is inclusive lunch, tea, coffee and cake. Beforehand the workshop has 5 participants, so there are still possibilities for 5-6 more participants. You can stay overnight in a tent or in the green house. We can also help with other kinds of overnight accommodation.

Sign up or contact us if questions


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