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Natural Building

We sell a little selection of good books about natural building, COB, clay, fire and alike. All prices are included EU-tax (25%) but posting is extra.

Rocket mass heaters: superefficient woodstoves YOU can build

By Ianto Evans og Leslie Jackson, A Cob Cottage company publication, 3. udgave, 2014

3. edition of Rocket mass heaters 135 d. kr. (sending in EU 60 d.kr.)

Build your own earth oven

By Kiko Denzer. 3rd Edition. 2007. 132 pages.

Price: 195, - d.kr. + posting

The Hand-Sculpted House: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage

By Ianto Evans, Michael G. Smith and Linda Smiley. 2002. 346 pages.

A bible of radical simplicity. A cob cottage is the ultimate expression of ecological design. Made of the oldest, most available materials imaginable - earth, caly, sand, straw and water - cob houses are not only compatible with their surraoundings, they are their surroundings, literally rising up from the earth. They are light, energy-efficient, and cosy, with curved walls and built-in, whimsical touches. They are delightful. They are ecstatic.

Price: 305 d.dk + posting

The art of Natural Building: design construction, resources

by Joseph F. Kenndy, Michael G. Smith and Catherine Wanek (editors). New Society Publishers, 2002.

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