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We produce these parts of cast iron to mass stoves after our own design. It is important for us, that the Iron foundry follows Danish environment rules. Therefore is our production placed in Denmark. This is your guarantee for not polluting in China or Eastern Europe with your doors to your mass stove. Besides the cast iron parts are very solid and beautiful with a simple design.

27101 Kobberspiral 25 meter, Lægges i toppen af ovnen til varmt vand.

27101 | Copper Coil 25 meters, Put in the top of the oven for hot water.


25101 | Danish fireplace door with seal is available with long or short hinges and choose between right or left hinges 465x285 / 235mm.

25103 Den lette låge - både til bageovn, ildsted og komfurer. Forskellige bagplader fås. 475x380-330mm med baggrund til ovn med askeskuffe 590x860mm baggrund

25103 | The light door - both for baking oven, fireplace and stoves. Various backplates are available. 475x380 / 330mm with background for oven with ash tray 590x860mm background.

25302 Dansk front 465x325 mm med 25301 askeskuffe

25302 | Danish front 465x325 mm with 25301 ash tray.

25201 Dansk bageovnslåge med tætning fås med lange eller korte hængsler. Vælg mellem hængsling i højre eller venstre side 465x285-235mm

25201 | Danish baking oven door with seal is available with long or short hinges. Choose between right or left side hinges 465x285 / 235mm.

25602 Lang ildrist 140x390 mm

25602 | Long fire grate 140x390 mm.

25601 Kort ildrist 135x290 mm

25601 | Short fire grate 135x290 mm.

25501 Rund dansk renselem Ø140 mm

25501 | Round Danish cleaning hatch Ø140 mm.

25702 Spadespjæld med hul 190x210 mm - fås også uden hul

25702 | Shovel damper with hole 190x210 mm - also available without hole.

25701 Dansk skydespjæld med hul 190x210 mm- fås også uden hul

25701 | Danish slider throttle with hole 190x210 mm - also available without hole.

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