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We sell cast iron parts to mass stoves and masonry cook stoves from the Finnish firm Alto.

26101 Dobbelt glaslåge uden tætning

26101 | Double glass door without seal. Wall dimensions 410x410 mm. Exterior dimensions 475x475mm.

26103 Ildstedslåge Future

26103 | Fireplace gate Future with seal. Wall dimensions 410x410mm. Exterior may be 491x497mm.

26104 Ildstedslåge, Euro sort med tætning. Murmål 410x410mm

26104 | Fireplace door, Euro black with seal. Wall dimensions 410x410mm Exterior dimensions 455x460mm.

26105 Ildstedslåge Euro sort med tætning Murmål 275x335mm.

26105 | Fireplace door Euro black with seal Wall dimensions 275x335mm. Exterior dimensions 325x385mm.

26106 Ildstedslåge af stål

26106 | Steel fire door Color graphite. Mum dimensions 410x410mm Exterior dimensions 475x475mm.

26201 Bageovnslåge uden glas uden tætning

26201 | Oven door without glass without seal Wall dimensions 440x205155mm. Exterior dimensions 503x255-190mm.

26202 Bageovnslåge med glas og tætning.

26202 | Oven door with glass and seal. Dimensions 440x205-155mm. Exterior dimensions 520x295-215mm.

26203 Bageovnslåge som 26201 med bagplade.

26203 | Oven door like 26201 with baking sheet. Wall dimensions 410x230-180mm. Exterior 600x445mm baking sheet.

26205 Bageovnslåge Future med tætning

26205 | Baking oven door Future with seal. Wall dimensions 410x205-170mm. Exterior dimensions: 490x280x235 mm

26206 Bageovnslåge

26206 | Baking Oven Door. Wall dimensions 440x205-155mm. Exterior dimensions 503x255-190mm.

26207 Bageovnslåge af STÅL farve grafit.

26207 | Oven door of steel color graphite. Wall dimensions 440x212-160mm. Exterior dimensions 504x267-217mm.

26301 Askelåge uden askeskuffe.

26301 | Ashtray without ashtray. Wall dimensions 279x130mm. Exterior dimensions 340x165mm.

26302 Askelåge Euro sort uden askeskuffe

26302 | Ashtray Euro black without ashtray. Wall dimensions 275x130mm. Exterior dimensions 460x169mm.

26303 Askelåge, Future uden askeskuffe

26303 | Ashtray, Future without ashtray. Wall dimensions 275x130mm. Exterior dimensions 360x167mm.

26304 Askeskuffe af stål

26304 | Steel ash tray Color graphite. Without ash tray. Wall dimensions 275x130mm Exterior dimensions 310x165mm.

26350 Askeskuffe til de finske askelåger 250x550x75mm

26350 | Ash tray for the Finnish ashtrays 250x550x75mm shown here with 26302 Ashtray.

26401 Renselem Future.

26401 | Cleaning Hatch Future. Wall dimensions 130x130 mm. Exterior dimensions 173x173mm.

26402 Renselem firkantet

26402 | Cleaning Hatch wall measure 130x130. Exterior dimensions 170x170.

26403 Renselem Euro.

26403 | Cleaning Hatch Euro. Wall dimensions 130x130mm Exterior dimensions 170x170mm.

26404 Renselem af stål

26404 | Steel Cleaning Hatch, color Graphite, Wall dimensions 130x130mm 165x165mm.

26450 Finsk skydespjæld fås 230x160 mm og 160x230mm

26450 | Finnish slide throttle available 230x160mm and 160x230mm.

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