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Building with consciousness



Every projekt is different. It is our daily life to meet and help building project on the ecological and sustainable. We help you with architect work, consultant, planning and projects

Mission statement

A gifted construction

Organic & sustainable construction

Renewed Energy’s vision is to spread knowledge about ecological designs. Including construction and workshops for everyone.

Architectural work with consciousness

We help with practical construction and the theoretical in the form of consultancy, planning, planning, courses and development

Collaboration with competent partners

We try to unite on the Danish field, but we also collaborate across national borders with good builders with input.

Ecologically construction

We have some guiding houses and plans that can spark your interest for finished houses or alternative building measures.

Get help with your construction plans

If you would like us to help with your building plans, etc. please call us on 57 80 45 22 approx. 9-16. If we are at construction sites, for meetings, at the workshop or elsewhere, our voicemail is ready for short messages.

Practical & aesthetic

Stages of construction

Architect Work

We know how incredibly complex it is to make a house concept right from location according to world corners and basic conditions, the inter-location of the rooms according to material selection, future plans and features. we have great expertise in all matters, a few of which are mentioned here.

Mass Stoves

We can supply several types of mass stoves. The choice of oven type depends on the requirements of the oven. Partly for the sake of capacity and partly for the look. We provide consultancy assistance, make drawings according to wishes and help with an appropriate placement in relation to foundation etc.

Clay and Mud

We do clay floors /earthen floors. A hard, heavy and "soft" floor which is a gift for any house. Clay floors are also very good where we accumulate passive solar and / or in a floor with other heating.

Composting Toilets

Renewed Energy has, over time, installed healthy compost toilets in Denmark despite the authorities' skepticism. Composting toilets remove the "black wastewater", save the recipient from stressful nutrient salts and reduce the use of our water resources.

Take the first step for

A sustainable construction