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We build several types of mass stoves. The choice of stove depends on the individual’s demands regarding needs and design. We will provide design and assist with appropriate placement of foundation, chimney and so on for a small fee.

Mass Stoves

Renewable Energy offers a line of different mass stoves.

The choice of stove and its design depends on the individuals needs.

In all mass stoves the “inside” is built from refractory materials (12-1600 kg) and the “outside” is built conventionally from brickwork or other stone materials (2-3 tons).

Between the inner firebrick lining (the refractory) and the brickwork, a refractory cloth 6-7 mm is placed, this prevents formation of cracks that are caused by the big difference in temperatures – inside temperatures are 500-1000 degrees and outside surface temperatures are 40-55 degrees C. In spite of these precautions it is difficult to avoid hairline cracks, when the stove is most warm. These cracks close when the stove cools down.

The fireplace is normally 30-42 cm wide, 50-70 cm deep and 1 meter high and can contain 12-20 kg of wood, depending on the tree species used – soft or hardwoods.

The fire door is normally 41×41 cm and if there is a baking oven it is 41 cm wide and 21 cm high in the middle.

The doors are made of cast iron and most of the time with ceramic glass – so you can see the fire and the pastry.

Renewable Energy offers a line of different mass stoves. We offer the ” craftsman’s-stove,” the round mass stove and mini mass stoves.

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About Mass Stoves

Useful information

Below you will find useful and practical information on the construction and use of mass stoves.

What is a mass stove?
The mass stove is an economical, practical and ecologically sound solution to the problem of home heating.

Several essential matters distinguish the mass stove significantly from conventional stoves.

The interior of the mass stove is designed so that rising smoke is burned yet again and dispersed through long flues throughout the stove. This utilizes almost all of the energy for heating and only a small percentage of the heat goes out the chimney.

Because the smoke is burned a second time in an upper chamber the combustion process is cleaner.

Because of its large mass and extensive heat channelling, the mass stove is the most effective way to utilize energy from wood.

Combustion temperature in the stoves upper chamber is 900 degrees C. This gives a clean combustion utilizing all the energy and making for a minimum of pollution.

Despite the high temperatures in the core of the stove, the stoves surface remains at a constant temperature of 45-55 degrees C, making it child safe and allowing for the placement of furniture close to the stove. Normal problems with very strong radiant heat are totally avoided.

With only one fire a day, consisting of 12-15 kg of firewood, the mass stove can produce 1.5 – 2.5 kw in 24 hours – enough to heat a 125-150 sq.m. home.

A baking oven can be built into the mass stove, and it is possible to connect a hot-water system to the mass stove.

In addition to all this the stove is beautiful, and there are countless design possibilities, so that it can be designed for individual tastes and needs.

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